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About the Merton@750 Collection

What kind of things are you collecting?

We're interested in photographs, diaries, letters, memorabilia and other items relating to Merton College and old Mertonians. We're especially interested in hearing some of those less 'official' stories of Merton, including memories and anecdotes from past and present students, fellows, members of staff, tenants and general visitors to the college.

If you're unsure whether what you have will be of interest to us, please contact us and we will be able to advise.

The Merton@750 project has ended. Why is the Collection still open and available online?

The Merton@750 Collection was designed to take place throughout 2014, to celebrate the college's 750th Anniversary year. The Merton@750 Collection was captured and added to Merton College's 750-year-old archive in January 2015, at the end of the project. This archive is used by the college and by other researchers (at the college's discretion) to enrich current and future understanding of Merton College, past and present. The Merton@750 Collection will help us build a fuller picture of Merton in its more recent years.

However, the project raised a lot of interest amongst Mertonians, past and present, with fascinating memories to share, and as such the college has decided to keep the online Collection in place and accepting online contributions for the foreseeable future.

I don't have an item to add to the Collection, but I know some who might - would you like me to pass on their contact details?

We're very keen to hear from as many people as possible, but we would rather you didn't send us contact details for any third party for Data Protection reasons (see our Data Protection Policy). If you know someone with a story to tell, please do:

Browsing the site

What's the difference between 'The Collection' and 'Online Exhibitions'?

Our 'Online Exhibitions' are lovingly curated collections of specific items in the Merton@750 Collections, gathered together according to specific themes.

Do you have a suggestion for an Online Exhibition? Please contact us, as we'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

I would like to use some of the items added to the collection for my own research - how do I go about getting permission?

Please note that all items in the Merton@750 Collection are all rights reserved. If you would like to use any part of the collection for your own research or publication, please contact us with more information.

I think the rights to an item in the Merton@750 Collection belong to me. I haven't given permission for it to be added to the Collection - what should I do?

Please view our Terms of Use to see under what conditions the item has been contributed. The Merton@750 Collection does have a Take-Down Policy - please refer to this if you think you are the rights holder for any item and the conditions of the Merton@750 Terms of Use have been breached.

To check whether the copyright of an item might belong to you, please refer to the Intellectual Property Office's website.

Technical questions

For simple instructions on how to add your own stories to the Collection, please visit here.

Is there a size limit on the files I can upload to the Collection?

You can only upload files up to 2MB in size to the Merton@750 Collection. Please resize any files you would like to upload that are larger than 2MB or you will not be able to add them.

What kind of files can I upload?

We have made a list of the different types of file compatible with the Merton@750 Collection - please see our File Types page.

How many files may I upload?

You may upload as many files as you like to the Collection. Please be aware, however, that the contribution form will only allow one file per submission. Each file will therefore need to be submitted separately.

I'm getting an error when I try to add my item.

Please first check that you are uploading the right file type (see File Types) and that any uploads do not exceed 2MB in size. If you are still getting an error, please contact us with all the details and we will investigate the issue.

I have a video or a sound clip I'd like to add to the collection - how do I do this?

Due to file size limits, we're unable to allow contributors to add video or audio files to the Merton@750 site. However, we are very keen to know if you have anything to add to the Merton@750 Collection which isn't simply a photograph or text. Please let us know using our contact form.